Star Defender 2

Star Defender 2

Scrolling shooter with fast-paced space action
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Make your way through seemingly countless waves of enemy spaceships and defeat the invading aliens in multiple solar systems. Collect as many as weapons as you can to make your job easier and keep your ship in flying shape.

Star Defender is a very entertaining arcade game, where you will pilot a space ship. At the options section you will be able to configure the screen, special effects volume, music volume, gamma and even choose between play with your mouse, keyboard or gamepad. Travel from one system to another in order to destroy evil alien forces with the help of your heavy armed ship, and try to pick up all the weapons bonuses, because among them you will find, straight missiles, homing missiles, lasers, homing lasers, nuclear bombs, lightnings, lightning balls, infektors, insulators, mines, parasitrons and a special weapon called piranha. Be sure to raise your status while you level up in the game, your score will directly depend on the amount of enemies you destroy. During each level you will see different battle formations, during your enemies attack and at the end of the level you will have to face the main alien ship that is attacking the respective system.
Protect all the systems in this great and fun arcade game.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great Graphics, a lot of weapons and different levels


  • If played with other applications it may affect your pc´s performance
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